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Profile of Highland and Warren School:

The Town of Highland is a southeast suburb of Chicago, Illinois.  It is located Lake County, in the northwest corner of the state of Indiana.   According to the 2000 US Census, the population in Highland is 23,546 with 9,925 housing units. Highland residents have a median age of 39.8 and a median income of $51,297.Highland is home to nineteen churches of varied denominations and approximately 650 businesses.  Highland Parks and Recreation Department offers a total of twenty parks and trail areas that total 235 acres of land for public use.

The School Town of Highland consists of one high school, one middle school, and four elementary schools with a kindergarten through twelfth grade population of approximately 3,300. Two parochial schools in the town service kindergarten through eighth grade students (Our Lady of Grace and Highland Christian.) Some of these students complete their high school education at Highland High School.
The school district is divided into four residential neighborhoods. During the 2009 – 2010 school year Warren Elementary School housed a population of about 408 students in grades kindergarten through sixth.  Currently, Warren provides services for thirty-five students (8.5%) from outside the Warren district.  This population is a multicultural blend of the following ethnicities:  Multiracial 6%, Asian 4%, Hispanic 11%, Black 8%, and White 71%.
Within the student population 48 students (11%) have been identified as English Language Learners, speaking 12 different home languages.  These students have the opportunity to receive support from the ESL teacher and tutors.  These students are pulled out and given individual or small group instruction to learn and strengthen their use of the English language.  In addition, forty-nine students (12%) require Special Education services.  Of these, twenty-three (6%) receive Speech Therapy in small group settings, thirteen (3%) require Least Restrictive Environment services, and thirteen (3%) require both Speech Therapy and Least Restrictive Environment services.  Special education students are mainstreamed into general education classrooms where collaborative instruction takes place.  When the general education classroom is not the least restrictive environment, instruction takes place in a resource room setting.
The staff includes twenty-six certified individuals and thirty-three non-certified individuals.  Parents volunteer daily to help teachers and students. The Warren Parent Teacher Organization is active within the school and coordinates numerous activities throughout the year which benefit all stakeholders.

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